What Value Does a Good Logo Hold For Your Business?

What Value Does a Good Logo Hold For Your Business?

There are certain reasons why even the established brands keeps on changing their logo. These days, the companies are competing with each other in order to get ahead and get recognised in terms of their logo design. If the logo is catchy, they are sure to grasp the consideration of the general public. This is one of the reasons why companies refresh their logo schemes. 

People unconsciously judge a company based on their logo. There might not be a direct relation between the logo and the sales figure (because this is a non-quantitative element), but it does play a big role. Luckily, big companies can spend millions just to get the right logo for their company, but small scale companies and start-ups do not have the privilege to do so. But even they should pay attention to the logo for the following reasons:

1.    First impression:
Whenever someone with no prior knowledge about your company sees the logo, they form their first impression primarily on the basis of logo itself. If the logo does not leave any impact, the user might not even bother to remember about your company. If a user is visiting your website, they will spend few seconds in visiting the homepage but almost equal amount of time in just seeing the logo. If you can create the first impression at that moment, then consider that you captured the user else you lose them, may be forever.

2.    Tool of remembrance:
You advertise your business, the users sees your advertisement as well. But what after that? How will the users remember your brand? It is by the impression of the logo. If the logo leaves a positive impression, your brand will be remembered positively. Otherwise, chances of your brand attracting negative impressions will increase. This fact is more psychological in nature.

3.    Developing the personality of the brand:
The logo’s style, font, color, size etc. defines the personality of the brand. It is an essential part of the overall branding of your company. Basically, it will help you in identifying the adjectives that will be used for your brand. That is why, it is important to get the logo done after careful thinking and future planning. Every detail of the logo matters- from design, colour, font and way of expression.

If you are going to get the logo made for your business, do not take it lightly or get it done just for the namesake. Keep in mind that you are symbolising the business and people are going to remember it with that “sign”. Through this logo, you have some control over what and how people think about your brand. So when you get the logo made, you need to specify the philosophy and what principles your company will work/works on. Also make sure that the logo is unique and something that people can remember, in a positive way!